The strength of mãyã, our universe,
is so forceful that everyone of us falls into its
delusive-happiness-trap until through the force of karma
or through the force of one’s own will & focus of mind,
detachment & renunciation, one overcomes being
& the illusion of happiness altogether & then
the strength of mãyã crumbles.

The strength of mãyã, when it crumbles
it gives absolute knowledge of how the conditioned
living entity suffers in this material existence & a sense
of knowledge of the immense strength of mãyã.

The strength of mãyã crumbling gives awareness
& the understanding that renunciation & detachment
from being &/or indifference 2 being enlarges the possibility
4 non-rebirthing annex non-suffering or bliss. It shows
& makes absolutely clear that the consequence of love
4 being actually enlarges the possibility
4 rebirth annex suffering.

Suffering though (!) that is only
recognized & acknowledged after having
experienced the opposite of the earthly so-called
happiness, when within non-being when in bliss.

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