Indifference towards being,
might sound cheap & easy as a means
2 reach enlightenment, though indifference
is also the opposite of love & love towards being
is exactly what needs 2 be diminished, countered or
better halted if one wants 2 reach (non-being, which is
the doorstep 2) enlightenment. Moreover, love 4 being
accentuates being & being is the furthest-away from
non-being, which is the crux of enlightenment.

Renunciation of all desire is the highest !’
(Bhagavadgita 6.02)
4 desire is the cause of being & being of suffering !

Surely, indifference towards being,
is cheap & easy, simply because detachment is so hard
2 do &/or be, almost unrealistic, that indifference,
the opposite of love in such becomes needful !

Indifference is mostly thought-driven,
like detachment & everything else. All is like
stemming from our brain, all gets analyzed rationally
even our sense perceptions making our thinking
the driver of our being.

Surely nobody rational sees any problem
with that until accidentally or willfully one’s thinking
stops & then all changes – all illusions & delusions crumble !
Making one realize the opposite of one’s point of view, ego & being,
when experiencing the opposite of suffering within non-being !
When one is on the path 2 non-dualism on the threshold
of non-being, where all doubts, predispositions
& opinions get reset in the warmth, light
& bliss of enlightenment.

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