Siddharta Gautama,
by playing mind-games & in such by
putting the power of his soul 2 the karmic wheel,
changed his self that destroyed suffering & ignorance.

Siddharta’s consciousness
transformed time that brought forth
transcendence of not only his being, but of
being in general 4 Siddharta thereafter gave advice
2 anyone who asked, needed or wanted his advice, which
resulted into the spreading of his teachings.

Buddha Shakyamuni’s words
& advice were quickly compiled
& got 2 be known as the dharma or
‘food 4 life &/or being’ but then in
the broadest sense imaginable.

Siddharta’s initial search was healing,
from hence ‘the four noble truths’ (see archive)
& is why the buddhist dharma is more therapeutic
& ethical than metaphysical or theological.

Siddharta, once just an ordinary human being,
soon after got 2 be known as Shakyamuni the Buddha
of Compassion 4 his caste destructive undying
& indiscriminate compassion.

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