Siddharta Gautama,
sitting under-against a tree,
somewhere in North India’s Varanasi
& Bodhgãya, physically weakened from hunger,
closed his eyes within death defiance & waited 4 death,
though death did not come, wisdom did !

Siddharta, desperate
& disillusioned, fearless of death
& dying, in complete actionlessness, in a immobile
pose (asãna), together with his sharpened focus, the
consequence from hunger, were but a few conditions
though imperative 2 his enlightenment.

Long before Christ, Buddha realized
that by imitating death, by playing death,
one don’t actually or really dies but that that
peculiar state opens in fact Heaven’s Gate.
In Hinduism
it’s an integral part of the Patãnjali yoga Sutras & in the Jewish
& Catholic Bible its symbolized by the ‘Keys of David’
(see book of Revelations).

Siddharta quickly transcended
towards higher-being upon these events
& only a little while later already by the laws of karma,
Siddharta Gautama, truly set the wheel of dharma
in motion by giving his first sermon in Benares.

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