There is distinction
between the ego stemming from
the mind & the body as opposed 2 true
consciousness of the real Self.
There is distinction
between the un(!)responsible ego & the supreme Self.

There is the ego that self-made other I & there’s
our true & real pure Self. The one is original while
the other is but an indoctrinated & self-made earthly
impermanent construction, a side &/or a part of us
created from reasoning in search of identity or
as survival & protective means.

It’s root cause is our earthly mind
within our earthly environment adapting
2 its surroundings out of inherent urge 4 survival.
It’s survival resources our compulsiveness, Self-love
& Self-interest. It’s action-mode rooted in delusive
Separateness-thoughts, is mostly deceit from
hence the creation of a separate I.

Another I or false Self that is unchecked,
uncontrolled &/or unattended & that’s fueled constantly
by reasoning can easily become, a darker side of
our real Self turning over into a darker I
or worse into a Heart of Darkness !

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