Nothing but changes.
Nothing but the continuity of Changes
changing all. Nothing isn’t subject 2 changes
& neither is our state of mind & in spite of that, pretty
much of everything stays seemingly the same. Nothing really
changes within our personal perception & personal ways of
thinking, even our actions, remain mostly unaltered. Our
mentalities do not change that easy & hardly ever
really do, just like our temperament, un alike
our character & ego that formed our
temperament & actual way of being.

The ego is our personality component
that is most conscious & most in touch with
external reality. Self-esteem comes forth from it
though also Self-love & egotism 4 it sees itself distinct
from other selves. It’s also one’s habitual though not (!)
spontaneous way of representation & reaction 2 an ever
changing outside world that gets embedded in our being.
Unaltered it would be like hanging on 2 what’s excessive
&/or unhelpful & become willfully socially maladjusted,
dysfunctional & before long socially inadequate,
hated & alienated.

Willfully or with one’s will
is exactly what’s required 2 change
that self-made inappropriate other I
or ego slumbering near the real Self.

In a perpetual changing world
one adapts 2 the changes by changing
one’s internal world though fundamental
changes in our inner-world hardly ever come
from the changes in the outer-world,
that’s one’s own chore & duty.

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