Nothing but changes,
though in spite of all the hate
& fear towards them, it’s exactly changes
in general, that makes things happen & not our actions !
Changes are driven by karma, which is interconnected
with both our inner-world & outer-world.

Changes in the outer-world or the
‘bringing about of color’ in such can only happen
when one changes that inner-world. Change only occurs
when one liberates one’s self from one’s ego 4 it’s the ego
that gave us general unawareness, compulsiveness & random
thinking, obsessive action(s), egocenteredness, etc. It’s the ego
that loves criticizing, judging & complaining.

Remember the times
you had a discussion or even a physical fight
or was the victim of deceit &/or lies ? Well,
then you’ve experienced the ego,
your own or somebody else’s !

Change in the outer-world, can only
happen when one acknowledges at first besides
the destructive nature of the ego, that one is controlled
by one’s ego as 2 be able 2 drop one’s ego. Change can only
happen when one is liberated of one’s ego & not only
through the changes in the outer-world !

Change, real change occurs when one
drops one’s ego & that’ll change our character
& ultimately reality & the environment ! This is the
continuity of changes bringing light in the darkness
of our minds & color in the environment creating
the opportunity of evolution !

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