Nothing but changes.

Nothing but changing I’s
changing characters, personality’s, perceptions
& views changing the environment,
our world & universe.

Nothing but changing I’s
in spite of the desire as not 2 change
4 people are afraid of changes. People don’t want
their lives changed much. People prefer conveniently
the same most of the time & pretty much hate changes.
People simply adore their same unchanged & familiar
ways of life. People want everything 2 remain the same
4 that is what they know & what they know they can
handle & control unlike the risky unknown,
carrying the chance 4 transformations
& modifications, even conversion
& definitely confusion.

Changes can also bring forth
losing, giving up & letting go & people
surely don’t want that. People rather stay
& have all the same, if they can deal with the same
& in the end, don’t try 2 change & later on lose trying.
People give-up so easily & because they do, we all lose
4 all is one within the continuity of changes.

The color from within ourselves
fades, which mirrored without, on the outside
of ourselves turns the environment, our world
& universe 2 greyness.

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