Nothing but changes.
Evolution through perpetual
changing I’s
or micro-organisms,
in an ever moving, expanding
& changing Universe or macro-organism.

Nothing but changes
through integration & disintegration
of 2 opposing forces without interference
whatsoever of any creating God.

Nothing but changes
in our World & Universe
exactly due 2 the changing I’s
within their natural play.

Nothing but changes
due 2 the ever present craving I’s
creating their presence exactly
by craving & attachment.

Nothing but changes
due 2 the ever-changing thoughts
of its occupants &/or beings or changing I’s.

Nothing but changes
4 consciousness is inexhaustible
& undying just like identity or the knowledge
of an I is an ever changing individuality.

Nothing but changes
coming forth from the well
of consciousness – the unchanging
source & root of all being or
existence in general.

Nothing but changes
& being out of ignorance
& nothing but changes & being
will remain reality until each & every
one of us individually exterminates
one’s own ignorance.

Nothing but changes
is also the only certainty
the perpetual changing I’s have. 

Nothing but changes
within a changing consciousness changing us
& the entire Universe, whereby over the length of time
we believe in illusions like differentiation & separateness
from others & hang-on 2 delusions like good versus evil,
God, etc., & give meaning & real existence 2 non-existent
things like Earth, the Universe, Time, Gravity,
Space, Matter, etc.
Nothing but
unceasingly & unendingly

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