Ain’t it sad, we can’t forget ?
Ain’t it sad, no time is ever spent thoughtless ?
Ain’t it sad, forgetfulness isn’t an integral part of our
being ?
Ain’t it sad, we ain’t never completely there with
our thoughts where our body is ?
Ain’t it sad we are never
really unpreoccupied within our thinking & therefore
never really present in the present ?

Ain’t it more sad,
having no influence whatsoever
on neither the kind nor the amount of thoughts
& really awful sad 4 having no control over the unending
springing 2 mind of past experiences ?

Wouldn’t it be better
as 2 be able 2 just recall & be over & done with it ?
Healing through confrontation & evaluation & get over it
instead of being given through the persistence in popping-up
in our minds, in the present, modification of our behaviour in
that same present ? Wouldn’t it be better 2 have no thoughts
nor recollections no remembrance nor memory
& just be thankful in thoughtlessness
by forgetfulness ?

Amnesia ?
Amnesia pinnacle of freedom & mindfulness ?

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