the bringer of wisdom !

Nirvana is
amongst other meanings
enlightenment of the conscious mind
& total control of the Self over the Self
& that can only be reached or gained through
actionlessness & mindfulness  within thoughtlessness,
where mindfulness is merely the consequence of
actionlessness within thoughtlessness.

Mindfulness though, can never be
gained &/or achieved through merely
the ratio &/or the will. The ratio, seated in
our brains, cannot lead someone 2 wisdom
4 it’s exactly the ratio that is the obstacle
2 mindfulness & thoughtlessness !

Thoughtlessness from within meditation
is the producer of real mindfulness & full awareness.
Power over the Self is something alien, hardly achievable
within being, though can be gained through ‘real’
that is merely an aftereffect
from prolonged ‘being in thoughtlessness’.

Nirvana also means non-being, a kind of state that is
impossible 2 gain when alive, though non-being is
exactly the pinnacle of thoughtlessness !

Nirvana is the final stage
of being after myriad embodiments.
Nirvana or the end of being, being comprehended
as the togetherness of both consciousness within a body.
Nirvana is perpetual being within thoughtlessness ! Aside
from gaining mindfulness, self-knowledge & self-control
from abiding 2 thoughtlessness, one is in fact also
walking the way 2 immortality 4 being actionless
within thoughtlessness is in fact copying
Nirvana along the path towards the
same Nirvana or non-being !

Actionlessness within thoughtlessness
is in such not the only way but the easiest way
towards Nirvana – the well of Wisdom ! As such,
thoughtlessness within or without actionlessness
is the course of action 2 obtain Wisdom !

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