The knowledge that exactly now,
we are the product of our thoughts & actions
from this though predominantly from before this
life, tells us how ‘wrongly’ or ‘rightly’ we were doing
& thinking before this life. One only needs 2 examine
our present state of being in regards 2 happiness &/or
suffering & the answer quickly emerges.

how we are & think & 2 what
we’ve enslaved our senses, in our present life,
will subsequently influence our state of being
in death, which will determine our
next being &/or life.

Realizing the overall importance
of our daily doing(s), view(s) & thinking
&/or general being & especially the fact that
besides from defining us, that it is exactly our
thinking that controls our being within happiness
&/or within suffering, in both the present, near & far
future ! Should suffice as an incentive 4 all of us
2 become a little more mindful of
our daily habitual mindset !

It’s but a reminder of the seriousness of
our accustomed individual ways of thinking
(annex our actions) & a warning against randomness
egocentered thinking (& doing(s)), before we unavoidably
become the victim of our mindset, in the near future by sickness,
disease &/or misfortune or in the far future, when we’re faced
by death we’ll unescapably be within fear, anxiety
& distress, though above all with lots of regret.

Weakness of resolution or frailty, not only
feeds karma it’s what ties us 2 samsara & birth,
death & rebirth & death again
& again & again.

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