Keep on playing those mind-games !
Play with your mind ! Play with your thoughts !
See & feel what happens when you’ve
stopped thinking randomly.

Experience being in prolonged
concentrated thinking or in the crux
of real yoga – Thoughtlessness.

Keep playing mind-games
in order 2 acquire enlarged self-knowledge
subsequently stirring up your life by increased
joy 4 life, larger control over life, mental
& spiritual being, suffering
&/or happiness !

Keep on playing those mind-games & transcend
by doing nothing really. Transcend by working with
your mind without moving a muscle. Receive faith in
the future by projecting different images in space (all
within your thoughts) through the web irrespective
of matter & time, which will be sending back
knowledge & understanding that will give
meaning, ideas & new view(s).

Keep playing with your thinking
& get 2 know & experience within your mind
& being what your real creative talents are
without moving one muscle !

Playing mind-games
is a necessity in life & a lesson
in being 4 it’s in fact a preparation
4 death within well-being.

Mohammed, Jesus & John the Baptist
& most certainly the Buddha knew all about
playing mind-games 4 it’s what gave them their
wisdom, will-power, guts & fearlessness of death.

Playing mind-games is putting
the power of the soul 2 the karmic wheel.
Playing mind-games towards thoughtlessness
is multiplying positive karma 4 thoughtlessness
within actionlessness is karma removing
consequently reducing negative karma !

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