I can understand that it is very comforting
4 many people (2 try 2 convince themselves) that
when they’ll die they’ll be rejoined with their deceased
family & friends. In fact that is not completely true !
One will
not be rejoined by no-one if one is not full of that someone !
One will be visited & helped or disturbed & even harassed
according 2 our thinking. If we think of something
a lot we might get that something in our world.

In the after-world, when we think about
something, we will attract & get that something
right away. Like if we think of something sexual,
like many do when they’ve died, we’ll not meet
a person but we’ll meet the appropriate
thought about organ !

Nevertheless or either way at some point,
we’ll realize (unalike when we were still alive)
that everything we experience ‘after death’ is merely
a construction of our minds & thinking giving us the chance
2 reverse & change our thinking annex experiences !

Now I ask you, what is
absolute reality in all of this ?
What is real & what is not ? Nothing
is really !
The only reality in all of ‘this’ is
our thinking & what it brought about (our
current life on earth) & what it will
bring about (our future lives) !

All is merely
the result of our individual
thinking giving us what we desire(d),
intertwined with the desires from
the collective thinking
of all others.

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