One cannot abolish Ignorance
by artifacts like clothes, devotion
2 symbols, shrines & statues !

One cannot abolish Ignorance
by praying, nor by going 2 mosques
or churches & such !
One cannot even
abolish ignorance by an ascetic life !

Why simply because
clothes, devotion 2 symbols,
shrines, statues, an ascetic life,
visiting churches, mosque’s & such,
are not the opposites of Ignorance !

One can only destroy something
with its opposite & the opposite of Ignorance
is knowledge gained from experience 4 it only
takes knowledge 2 absolve delusions & from
there-on out all illusions, hence forward
the total abolishment of ‘the Illusion’ !

One can only destroy Ignorance by knowledge
gained through experience – which is the real key
2 escape all illusions & the general Illusion,
our World or Universe as well.

What is the exact opposite of wisdom
that if present in someone needs 2 be abolished ?
Ignorance out of ego-driven pigheadedness
enwrapped in egocenteredness !

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