God isn’t in a church
nor in a temple, a mosque,
the Himalaya’s or any other mountain.
God isn’t in statues & shrines nor in heaven,
earth or air 4 God is everywhere !

God is in every atom
& particle & as such in
every self & as such also
in myself, yourself & in all
souls & so in absolutely
everybody’s self.

A temple or any so-called holy site is of no value
spiritually except on an archeological level & financially
4 the priests involved. Alas 4 humans its mostly deception
&/or estrangement – definitely godliness decreasing & divinity
reducing as a result of the expanding attachment
& build-up of delusions.

Our divine
& Heavenly spirit,
our holy consciousness within
our body, is not only the closest
2 God but the most compatible with
God & therefore our body, carrier of our
soul, each & every one’s body, is the
only true temple or real mosque
or worthy & useful church.

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