The Buddha doesn’t
liberate me, you or anyone !
A Buddha or Buddha’s cannot
wash away our negative thoughts
& actions nor clean up our perception
nor remove our suffering.

Any wise person,
knows no one can make
it alone, simply because nobody
is able 2 survive &/or live without help in
this world, though will never attach his self
nor fully rely on anything (forces of nature, air,
water, etc.) or something (statues, shrines, symbols,
rituals, etc.) nor anybody or somebody (preacher, guru,
guide &/or teacher or leader, etc.) earthly or worse put that
somebody earthly & in such as indoctrinated
& deluded as one’s own self, above
his own earthly self !

Any wise person
knows everyone is born alone
(& will die alone) & that exactly in being alone
lies salvation & liberation.

Any wise person
knows one has 2 do it alone
4 alas nobody else can remove our
pain, suffering & delusions 4 us.

A Buddha or Buddha’s show us
a two-folded path as how 2 end present suffering
& a sort alike pathway as how 2 liberate our soul
indefinitely from being & in such from
suffering in general.

The Buddha’s teachings
are as such there 4 the lost confused
& doubtful souls, who have nothing but
faith, belief & trust in total absence of any
real proof & evidence of the truth of the
Buddha’s teachings &/or dharma.

The Buddha’s dharma
is a guiding-help 4 them void of
any real faith & definitely of conviction
2 admire (mostly out of ignorance) or 2
despise (also out of ignorance) or 4 those
who believe from experience & science
2 just Love & respect out of Love
& respect 4 (the) Truth.

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