Don’t implant something
abstract like a symbol in your
mind !
Don’t put a preacher, guru, guide
&/or teacher or leader above your Self !

The first is able
2 obstruct your focused thinking
dragging along confusing images & messages
within meditation. While in fact the latter can do
just the same but what’s worse is that a guru, etc.,
are just like us, they are human & as such worldly
& as such indoctrinated, deluded & imperfect.

Though the most dysfunctional
would & could be 2 put a God above
one’s own self 4 that 2 could turnout 2 be
just another fabrication of our mind that is
also worldly by nature ! Obstructions in our
focused thinking or maybe even in our evolution
is what all of the above bring about.
One should
never place anybody or anything
‘above’ one’s self !

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