Asking yourself
what you really want
in life 4 yourself is in fact stupid.
One should better ask one’s self what
life has planned 4 one’s self !

With some self-knowledge gained from
actionlessness within thoughtlessness one
should be able 2 read some signs, signs otherwise
drowned in random-thinking & sensatory sensations.
With signs & through symptoms is one way of Heaven’s
many ways of communication. Without self-knowledge
& drowned in doubts & the overpowering struggle
between our ratio or thinking & feelings
– one should look 4 silence & solitude.

Once deeply-in there,
one should try 2 slowdown
whatever heart-rate one has
with concentrated breathtaking
within focused thinking & this is a
way 2 receive signs &/or thoughts &
ideas one couldn’t be thinking or feeling.

Beware though as not (!) 2 focus
on the specific problem or issue 4 the
goal is 2 let go of all & everything ! Later,
after the decisions are made the ratio is allowed
2 rejoin with the heart, as it works best
when joined with emotion & intuition.

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