The Separate Self
(part 2/3)

Buddhist Selflessness theories
are not taught 2 let-go of our Self
or 2 pretend that it is an illusion 4 a Self
is really real & the same as any other Self & that
is exactly why Selflessness theories were invented !
All in
order of making the ignorant realize that they aren’t any
different from anybody else & that they are in fact
the same as & equal 2 others.

All in order of showing
the insignificance of jealousy towards others
& of making sure that no one believes him or her
2 be better or worse than somebody else.

Primordially, Selflessness theories
are invented 2 end discrimination dragging along
with that should be the realization that the same & inherent
impermanency of our Self & any other Self is also valid regarding
Suffering ! Nothing is constant in our own Self nor in anybody else’s
Self or in our World. Any Self, impermanent by nature, changes
from moment 2 moment, together with all the other Selves
of our universe, inseparable & acting as one, making
our living space, universe & World
change, as we do.

Consciousness makes no distinctions !
Consciousness doesn’t discriminate though
paradoxically it’s just this phenomenon called
Consciousness that is the reason 4 our misconception,
that is the reason 4 our believe & trust
in a self, separate of others.

Yet, Selflessness becomes logical,
self-evident & obvious once we acknowledge
& accept there is no self, just because & in truth
that there is no intrinsically existent self ! Our personal
consciousness is dependent upon the Universal & General
Consciousness. Consciousness is therefore not a possession,
but it’s a given thing. We don’t possess consciousness,
we merely use it ! Consciousness makes no
distinctions ! Consciousness
doesn’t discriminate !

( check archives 4 other part )

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