All is but a matter of choice in what
is needed & required aside of what is liked,
loved & ultimately chosen & done.

All is but a matter of freedom in choice
& willpower in moving ethically & spiritually
upwards & in upgrading one’s self towards higher
&/or better being out of experience, belief &/or fate.
The other option, the unconsciously or even consciously
downgrading of one’s self ethically, is primordially done
out of laziness, doubt &/or disbelief though
mostly out of ignorance.

Suffering from delusions many
delude themselves in the exact meaning
of happiness & suffering. Suffering, in contrast
with happiness, remains mostly unrecognized
by the ignorant many.

All under Heaven
with its own desires
feeding karma expressed
in one’s ignorance or wisdom
within their personal evolution
or devolution.

All is but a matter of
personal point of view & choice
expressed in what one became & becomes.

One can only wait & hope 4 the best.
Though, at some point in each of anyone’s life,
some unprepared will be in fear & full of regret,
while others, more prepared & as such reassured will
be without regret &/or fear, less surprised & distressed
& then most certainly at the time when the unavoidable
uninvited caped & hooded sickle holding
Reaper drops by.

All is but a matter of
willpower, determination
& perseverance overpowered by Choice.

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