Is what we focus on what we get ?

Exactly 4 our known universe & world
& all the other worlds & universes that we’ve
visited but can’t remember anymore until were
‘there’ again exist only through its inhabitants
& their collective Mind(s).

Our thoughts create our world & universe.
Our collective thinking produces our daily & nightly reality.
Our mind & thinking make it look real 2 us, but then only 2 us !

If we & I mean everybody & together
could change our thoughts permanently
& completely different, at a given order 2 an
absolute different perception & along with that
our emotions & complete being, obviously we would
collectively produce another world that we would apprehend
as real &/or logical or strange &/or illogical,
just as ours now.

Is what we focus on what we get ?

Exactly 4 it only takes deep & prolonged
focus on nothing (!) or on any ‘object’ with
our mind, thinking & complete being 2 become
drawn & absorbed & attracted more & more 2 a
point of becoming one, even the same,
as the contemplated object.

One becomes
& gets what one focusses on.
One becomes what one is full of. Ultimately
we all become & get what we collectively focus on.

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