Once we left Nirvana
& individual focused thinking
& became appropriate in mãyã,
our World & Universe.

Now, we are 4 we Live,
individually think & feel in Being
in mãyã – a construction & product of
our collective thinking. Alas in becoming,
we got lost. In becoming we became both the
passenger & the driver of our own
thinking & bodily Being.

We are the driver of our thinking
when focused & merely the passenger
when unfocused, ultimately meaning that most
of the time, we are passenger & that the driver
of our bodily Being is our random-thinking !

We got lost in becoming.
Striving, ambitions, goal-settings, daydreaming,
wishful thinking, etc. was/is more important. We
got deluded, indoctrinated & blinded by
mãyã this illusionary World.

Deluded from mãyã’s powers & addicted
2 mãyã & our body, we became the passenger
in a vessel (our body & mind) that is unconsciously
driven by our thoughts (consciousness) on the Seas
of Samsara, clinging us 2 Samsara
& hiding Nirvana.

The only cure or way-out
of this ever changing mãyã is foremost
the killing of random- & secondary-thinking
& detachment from mãyã & along with that the
bewitchments of mãyã (the illusive importance of
action), namely the killing of striving & ambition
4 resting in being is the only & absolute
purpose of being !

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