It’s been mentioned
many times that – Life is a Path
of transforming the Mind as 2 end
Suffering 4 the essence of Life is trying
2 achieve a state that is free of illness, decay,
mortality, ignorance & shortcomings,
fear & hate.

The final goal
is 2 transcend Being
4 Being is the cause of Suffering !

Liberation from the cycle of
Suffering & Samsara into a state of
complete liberation within happiness,
Love & Omniscience – nirvana – can only
be reached through the dharma & the
8 step yoga sutra’s of Patãnjali !

Daily awareness & total fearlessness
of Death is the very bedrock of the whole
buddhist dharma, the taoist tao or dao & the
Bhagavadgita, even of the Koran, the Jewish
& Christian Bible & off course of
the yoga sutra’s of Patãnjali.

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