Yajña or Detachment – a Samsara destroying tool. (part 1/2)

Detachment is so difficult 2 achieve
in our world – As we live in the age so the age
lives in us – a world that demands involvement.
Alas, detachment from worldly affairs & earthly
living is an absolute necessity 2 end
the cycle of Samsara !

Samsara, meaning
rebirthing (suffering) of (our) consciousness
in a form, adaptation (suffering), life (suffering)
& dying (suffering), followed by death (no suffering!)
& ultimately by rebirth again.

This cycle (of suffering) can last eternally
& can only be stopped as a human though
reincarnating as human is never a certainty !

Really, this cycle of uncontrolled
birth, death & rebirth that we’ve been
propelled into (by our delusions) is Catholic Hell
4 it’s ever accompanied by pain, grief or suffering
& hardly ever by happiness.

Eliminating delusions
will eliminate karma & ultimately Samsara,
but what about now ?

Do we have 2 seize the opportunity
of being born as human – a form with the ability
2 detach from & adhere 2 whatever it wants out of
Free-Will or do we wait 4 an improbable next
rebirth as a human ?

( check archives 4 other part )

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