It’s been mentioned
many times that – Life is a Path of
transforming the Mind as 2 end Suffering !
This means that Life although many don’t know
nor realize it, is a resit & a reexamination 4 most
of us have lived earthly Life before ! 

This means that Life
is a path filled with obstacles, pain,
grief or suffering meant 2 test us & make us
change our point of perspective as 2 better ourselves
& this also means we have 2 change our views 2 end
suffering – suffering that is the consequence
of being alive !

Don’t delude yourself !
What we regard as happiness
is in fact suffering ! When you have
realized, perceived & accepted the plain
& simple fact & truth, that everyone is a fallen
angel, fallen from Heaven (the One, etc.), in an ocean
of suffering – Samsara – you will finally develop the wish
2 be liberated – Moksha – from that suffering that common
people perceive as ‘Happiness in being alive on Earth’ !

Then you will finally see
Earth & what it stands 4 as it really is
& this time undisturbed by personal constructions
of yours or somebody else’s thinking ! Then & only then,
you will apprehend Earth, as all the rest from our Universe
4 what it really is ! An illusion ! A construction of our collective
thinking that is as important or unimportant as our dream-world,
another construction of our mind & thinking
or just another illusion !

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