Is the purpose of our Life
right-now a resit & a reexamination ?
The real significance of human existence or Life
& Living in general, is a path of transforming
the mind, as 2 end suffering !

Why is that you might be thinking ?
Well, the answer is in fact simple !

Our mind needs 2 be transformed !
The real reason why we are here, is not
because our mother & father made us but
because we were (&/or still are) Bad in our
previous Life’s ! Yeah I am serious 4 if we were
Good & knew all there is 2 know, then we wouldn’t
be here, then we wouldn’t be Living, not as a human
& not even as a plant, animal or insect ! So it must be
that at least our perception of ‘things’ was miserable in
our previous Life’s. That our state of mind was (&/or still
is) disastrous ! We are here because our actions
& thinking or plain views & perception
are/were unsound, maybe inhuman.

If now you might be thinking how come ?
Well, I would then suggest you take a close look
at yourself, your actions & interactions, at what you
do & how you are & most importantly that you examine
your thoughts & ways of thinking !

The meaning of human existence,
the reason why we are & more precise,
why we are human & not an animal or a plant
or something else correlates with one thing only !
Our desires ! & the seat of them lies in our perception
& ultimately in our thoughts !

Beware though ! It’s not a question of
Catholic Guilt & Shame Revisited but about
Universal & Eternal Good versus Bad,
centered upon CHOICE !

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