We are but ordinary beings.
Plain ordinary, just like Siddharta
Gautama, Jesus Christ & Mohammed
once were. Siddharta, Jesus & Mohammed,
just like us, weren’t any special, but unlike us
(yet) became extraordinary. Siddharta even became
a buddha & later The Buddha !

We are not (yet)
buddha’s like Siddharta
Gautama became one once.
Will we ever ? Will we never become
like the Buddha ? Will we never be like
Shakyamuni Buddha ? Will we ever stop
being like Siddharta Gautama ?
Will we ever be a Buddha ?

Buddha’s teachings, the dharma,
4 whatever reason whatsoever, didn’t
help us in our previous Life’s ! Buddha’s
dharma didn’t benefit us at all or we
wouldn’t be here right now !

So what ab’ now ?
Is the dharma really flourishing
in our place & world ?

Do we rejoice
in our fortune of being
born as a human, in a time
where the dharma exists & is available ?
Do we seize the advantage & the opportunity
of being born in a precious human life form, able 2
study & practice the dharma, something we couldn’t
be doing in any other form of life ?

Do we adhere 2 what is virtuous ?
Do we leave what isn’t in conformity with
the dharma ? Do we practice meditation in order 2
reach & experience samãdhi ? Do we stick 2 mindfulness
& actionlessness always & thoughtlessness as much as possible ?

Have we become
the embodiment of mindfulness, actionlessness
& thoughtlessness ? Is our main purpose
of being resting in being ?

If the answer is
affirmative 2 all of the above ?
Then anything is possible !

Say, have you ever
reflected upon these things ?
Do you realize what fortune we’ve got
& how fortunate we are right now or do you
still not recognize the real significance of human
existence Life & Living in general ?

A path of transforming the mind as 2 end suffering !

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