Kill the seed of Becoming
4 what feeds the Soul frees the Soul
& what frees the Soul frees the Mind
& what frees the Mind frees the Self.

What ultimately frees the Self
is ‘mind-games’ like breathing-in
while pointing our spirit/thought(s)
& breathing-out, while sweeping our
spirit/thought(s) downwards with the
body 4 what frees the Soul, liberates the
Self & not only from thinking & (from)
breathing, but also from the body !

That’s the implanting of the seed
of complete dis-attachment, that will
reduce samsara & be succeeded by the
temporary separation of the Self & the body
(or the carrier of the Self journeying in mãyã).

More importantly
it’s the killing of the seed of rebirthing
&/or of Becoming eventually releasing
& freeing the soul eternally or
the definitive separation.

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