Stop ! Empty your mind !
(part 1/3)

Empty your mind
& before that, diminish
your actions, sensory pleasures
& your talking by augmenting silence
& non-action. Having done so, one is prepared
2 start emptying one’s mind thoroughly.

Now, close your mouth
& breathe through your nose
& do stop thinking & 4 that, at this
early stage, focus on your breathing.
Do try 2 stay focused – that will minimize
those seemingly infinite & unstoppable
new incoming thoughts !

When distracted by intruding thoughts,
certain feelings or sounds from the environment,
use them as a stimulus 2 return 2 focus or 2 simply
stay focused. Feel your stomach growing bigger with
every breath intake & getting smaller again when you
descend with your mind carrying your breath
towards your feet out of the body.
Feel & realize
the diminishing need 2 breathe !

Now close your eyes !
But do stay focused on one thing only,
either your breathing or any other one single ‘thing’ !
Distance yourself from any other thoughts other than
your focus. Distance yourself from your random thinking,
all your actions, doings, chores & problems. Leave them.
Let them be within your mind. Relax your heart.
Abandon all but one thought. Concentrate on
that one thought only !
Remain like …

( check archives 4 other part )

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