the dissipater of energy
& killer of mindfulness.

What ab’ Now ?
What ab’ the energy’s
that you waist, right now ? (I mean)
The dissipation of energy that takes place
in your head, either due 2 lingering memories
(of the past), anxieties (4 the future), regrets (of the
past), plans (4 the future), etc. What about the present ?

Are your thoughts always
everywhere else but in the present ?
Always busy within your mind, like ab’
what you gonna say/do next ? Hardly listening
2 what others are saying ? Surely always missing
out on what’s needed 2 be done & said or even
seeing what’s really happening ?

Are you always
everywhere else in your mind
except where you should be ?

If so, then one really must end
this type of being before it becomes
the end of being out of denial of the soul
& over-accentuation of the brain & body.
One should try 2 empty one’s mind
& focus one’s thinking !
What ab’ some food 4 the soul ?
What ab’ some rest 4 the head/mind ?
What ab’ some liberation fr’ thinking ?
What ab’ mindfulness 4 the head & action-
lessness 4 both the head & body ? What ab’
some attention only 2 what one sees
& hears & 2 what one senses
& feels inside ? Right Now ?
& every following moment
as of now ?

Really, one needs 2 focus
one’s thinking at all times or the
only time one is just a little mindful,
is the time when one is excited (which is
even more dissipating energy).
Not just anyone
but everybody needs 2 be vigilant ab’ one’s
thinking & check them constantly !

Say have you ever heard of
how 2 dissipate your thoughts
resulting in thoughtlessness ?

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