Nothing but
dualism under Heaven.

Real or unreal ? Illusion or Reality ?
The afterworld & astral world together with our
dream-experience-world 4 they are the same world,
receives a lot of earthly visitors, people ‘alive with their
body on Earth’ while dreaming in their sleep (earthly beings
having no control over there consciousness when asleep),
is it real ?
Is that world, universe or atmosphere
of bodiless being(s) more real than
what we call Reality ?

What is a dream ? Unreal ? Real ?
Is our wakeful state or our Life now,
on earth, the Reality ? What is reality knowing
that perception of reality is personal ?

4 everyone
is not the same
4 everybody !

Moreover, what’s it worth when
all Buddhists, Hindus & Jains, just like
all confucianism adepts & taoists see it as unreal
& not so important & when even Jesus Christ called
earthly Life ‘inferior’ 2 ‘being’ with his Father ?
What 2 believe when one don’t know,
doubts or is completely ignorant ?

Somethingness or Nothingness,
form or formless, real or unreal,
matter or immaterial, dead (!) or alive (!)
what does it matter really, when everything is
as much real as it is unreal ! Like this place, sphere
or afterworld or whatever one calls it,
it is as much real as it is unreal !
But whatever right ?!

Nothing but dualism
in our existence, oppositeness
& unity & the ever-changing changes
continuously transforming all existence
bringing about evolution
in All under Heaven.
All is Return.

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