Nothing but dualism. Do not be fooled !
The afterworld or astral world is like our world
& universe, part of Somethingness or mãyã,
the illusion & not a part of Nothingness !

That astral world
(called ‘state-of-bardo’ in Buddhism)
is the universe or the atmosphere of ‘Life after Death’
&/or the universe of bodiless being(s), immediate
action & guaranteed satisfaction.

That place is also the same place or sphere
we visit when we dream ! By the way, it’s also the ‘place’
well-known amongst Catholic’s as Heaven & referred 2 ‘some’
Muslims as the place where they’ll inherit 80 or is it 100 virgins,
even if they act, are or become inhumane ! Yeah right everyone
& I really mean everyone, even barbarians will get there
& will accordingly experience its deepest cravings,
but alas only 4 a very little while
4 this place is a ‘transit-zone’. 

No one who died on earth, stays there long.
From thereon, every one moves 2 a higher or
lower realm/world/universe. While every one of them
barbarians, included the divisiveness spreaders, instigators,
deceivers & manipulators, they surely will have 2 reincarnate
2 a lower-realm or into a ‘lower-being’ 4 being inhumane
when in fact humane & 4 having wasted an auspicious
incarnation within the opportunity of exalting
but instead degraded themselves.

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