Nothing but dualism.
Nothing but choices, changes & controversy.
It’s ‘one thing’ or ‘the other’. It’s either this or that,
while the other thing is the one thing
& vice versa & this is also that !

Do we choose ?
Do we have 2 ? No !
What do we do then ? Nothing !

Make a difference
by making no difference
between this & that ! Accept yin
& yang & not only yin or yang ! Refuse 2 choose
& as such 2 differentiate &/or discriminate enlarging dualism.

Always keep 2
the (taoistic) middle-way !
Confusion, differentiation & discrimination is 4
the worldly strivers & the blind-ones. In the eyes of
the One or Brahman, tao or dao, Allah, Yahweh,
the holy Father, Abraham, God, etc.
all is the same (!) & even alike (!)
from hence the/our free-will.

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