When we are born,
we in fact left a deep-sleep
or either (we) left the realm of satisfaction
& immediate action & awoke our bodily senses into being.

In being our senses get overstimulated
with disastrous consequences 4 all (the so-called adapted)
like addictions & 4 some (the so-called maladapted) wrong
view(s) &/or inadequate perception(s).

In order 2 remain ‘healthy’
in mind & body one needs (therefore) 2
minimize or at least diminish excessive sensatory
&/or sensual pleasures, 4 they are addictive by nature
(& they are distractive in meditation). More importantly
is that they are bindings & attachments
clinging us 2 worldly Life & Living
inducing reincarnation(s).

Unsurprisingly is that in any yoga,
any yoga worth being named yoga, the building
or better said the down-building of the (use of the)
senses is incorporated as it is crux 2 enlightenment. In yoga
&/or meditation the outwardly pointed senses get turned-over
inwardly & it is exactly this shutting off of the outwardly focused
senses what accentuates the inwardly ones creating heightened
sensatory experience(s). The following step in any ‘good’ yoga is
(or should be) something that is called : Switching the life
currents 2 & from the senses & this happens by disjoining
the course of inspiration & expiration which is
the pathway 2 enlightenment of the Mind.

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