Everything is Return.

One step 2 immortality
is 2 develop wisdom & wisdom
is the product of the soul.

Immortality actually means
not having 2 die anymore & dying is attached 2
earthly life which can be overpowered by wisdom.
Wisdom is not knowledge fr’ books but fr’ that what
transcends, that what is above & independent of the
material that is transcendent wisdom & this neither
means perse knowledge that is beyond
the limitations of experience !

Wisdom travels within & with the soul into
every realm 4 the soul is immortal making wisdom
immortal. Wisdom is therefore never lost 4 it accompanies
the soul with every incarnation developing & collecting wisdom
while it moves fr’ here 2 there & fr’ there back again, until
it reaches its pinnacle of no-return, its point fr’ hence
it came – where being is without dying & dying
is without vanishing or perishing &
this means eternally Being
& realizing the One.

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