Once the original & pure ‘Good’ is lost,
morality a secondhand remedy, shows itself.

Thankfulness is like acceptance an
indispensable part of mindfulness. Like thankfulness 4
the bad & ugly 4 they produce the good & beauty. Mindfulness
is ab’ giving space 2 all in total acceptance of all & heartfulness
is ab’ filling that space with love & compassion 4 all & 2 all & not
just 2 the good & the beautiful. Mindfulness is ab’ being thankful
4 both the Good & the Bad. Mindfulness is not ab’ ignoring
the negative but exactly ab’ avoiding being
dragged along by the negative.

Mindfulness is neither
ab’ standing-by but ab’ intervening when love
& compassion are endangered.

Mindfulness means attention 4 what is
& what is not in total acceptance & even thankfulness
of what is & what is not, yet always without the desire 2
change anything of what is & what is not, except when
immorality & injustice come into being !

Mindfulness is actionlessness
within love & compassion ! Immorality & injustice or
the Bad &/or Evil is not only the product of ignorance
but also the instigator of the Good
that was lost initially !

This is Mindfulness killing Ignorance.

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