Once people worked 2 Live.
Now working is Living
& peace of mind
is ever harder 2 find & therefore people need 2 let go
more & take more distance from their being, doing(s) & action(s).

Anyone can
& should do yoga &/or meditation,
though not everyone really needs yoga &/or meditation.
Many though, especially those having no peace of mind &/or loss
of meaning in Life would gain a lot from yoga &/or meditation.

On the other hand, those that
tend 2 suicide &/or depressiveness,
surely need yoga &/or meditation & maybe
surprising 2 many also those one’s that are always busy
out of necessity 4 survival or plain compulsiveness. You know
those strivers, those yang-robots, those ones living in a perpetual
hurry, them sufferers from loss of meaning, those that need lots
of work as an escape from themselves &/or reality,
they absolutely need yoga &/or meditation.

Not only because
they unconsciously need it & that their soul cries 4 it,
but because it is the best way 2 refresh one’s thinking, reset
compulsiveness &/or compulsive being & foremost, it is the only way
2 take distance from doing(s) & action(s) & taking distance from (our)
action(s) is what opens the door 2 brighter views, clearer
perception(s), better & fresher ideas, etc.


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