When one awakens or goes 2 sleep (part 2/4).

When one goes 2 sleep, one should have
besides a good position, a good posture. An anatomically
good posture is lying literally on the right side. Sleeping in this
posture has many advantages 4 it calms the heart by reducing the
heart-rate. As such one doesn’t get overly relaxed when sleeping & one
doesn’t fall into very deep sleep. Sleeping on the right side also eliminates
the occurrence of bad dreams & most importantly (4 meditators)
one will not lose power of mindfulness.

All this is great with many advantages,
but as important is what we do with our mind,
thinking & thoughts. Self-evidently, it is hardly benefitting
2 think & brood over anything, everything & nothing. Just letting
our mind wander & think of whatever that pops-up,
is surely a way of inducing dreams,
either good or bad.

Instead of being the victim of our subconscious
fantasy’s, one could & should try 2 focus our thoughts which
will produce some peace of mind. The best way 4 this, is in fact a
rehearsal 4 death & dying 4 we must try 2 remain thoughtless in
our sleep. Just like when we are dead : thoughtlessness in
actionlessness. The easiest way 2 get 2 that state is
2 focus our mind, is 2 concentrate on the
One or focus on one thing only !

The most auspicious mindset, when trying 2 sleep,
is 2 try 2 imagine a vision of white Light !
4 White Light is in fact exactly that
what we’ll all see once
when we are dead.

( check archives 4 other part )

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