Mindfulness is a way-of-Life
or attitude grasping & clutching
‘the now’ which is in fact meditation on the move !

Physically we are here, but in
our thoughts we are somewhere else.
Always busy analyzing everything that happened
once before or will maybe happen in the future. This way
we are creating needless stress within ourselves. This can get
problematic when Life gets tough. It’s in these times
those thoughts can become a burden & bring us
down more than they should.

Instead of automatically making
ourselves unhappy, we can choose 2 stop this
self-devastating way of behaving by adopting a mindfulness
& actionlessness attitude 4 the only time we can
really be happy is only now, this time.

A non-stop & complete awareness
of our breathing & actions & an attentive focus
on our thinking is what can develop & change into a skill
& evolve into a daily way of Life that brings forth unity within.

This is meditation & real yoga.
This is active meditation – yoga &/or meditation on the move.

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