Why so dearly strive ? Why doing so much ?
Why be so hasty & hyper-active all the time ?

Why be so active when one adds nothing
but tire 2 the body, sleeplessness & restlessness
& no wisdom whatsoever 2 the soul &/or spirit ?

Is numbing the thoughts by activity
the only solution one can think of ? Really ?

Why not organize our thoughts
by doing nothing ! Really nothing at all !
Remain in actionlessness & analyze our thoughts
& this will make us think of thoughts we’ve never thought of before
& couldn’t have thought of &/or maybe make us realize that we are
fretting & brooding over the same thing, over & over again.

In that case one has 2 solve that problem
& if one cannot, then one has 2 set one’s mind
& thinking free from it by the will ! One has 2 persevere
in breaking of those thought(s) or that type of thinking before
they form a cancer ! One has 2 be determinant in diverting
& distracting one’s thinking purposefully 2 a focus.

Really in actionlessness one achieves all
& certainly some new gained self-awareness &/or self-reflection.
By defying the deficient thoughts one will defeat those deficient thoughts.
By recognizing them & comparing them against the harmless ones
one gains perspective & in doing so, one distracts one’s thinking
4 it’s all about distraction. Distraction is the killer of
compulsive-thinking &/or thoughts !

Why doing
when one adds nothing
while in actionlessness
one achieves all ?

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