Those strivers & yang-robots,
always in action & only exited when
in action & happy when doing something.

Those strivers, always living in a perpetual hurry,
hardly ever attain inner composure when doing nothing.
Their type of being, their yang-ness &/or excessiveness always
results in inner inconsistency & immobility of character
& an increased inability of letting-go of anything.

Those strivers, haters of actionlessness
& disregarders of their spiritual needs, they demand
2 much & in the end succeed in nothing really. Surely,
those ambitious striving yang-people, addicted 2 action
& movement, gain a few things, mostly material, but alas
their type of being prevents  thoroughness, mindfulness
& it can be dangerous in places of authority.

In fact they are the lost ones,
they are the embodiment of the lost people.
They are the ones who lost themselves blinded by mãyã,
swallowed-up by earthly life & living.

They are the lost ones
4 incontrollable compulsive movement
can’t but fall prey 2 restlessness.

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