We aren’t what we do !
On the contrary we are what we don’t do !

Has anything
you ever pursued & aimed 4
&/or intended 2 do & then done, made your life better ?
Really has any of your striving ever been fruitful ? Really ?
As such you really think you have changed the course of events
by your doings ? Nobody can push nor fool the forces of
Heaven & Earth ! All under Heaven happens without
any of our doings, deeds & actions ! Thinking
we can change anything by our actions
is pretending we can change
the future by the opposites
actionlessness & mindfulness,
which is just another illusion.

What one does
is as important as it is illusionary.
It’s all about our thoughts & not about
our actions ! It’s our thoughts that manifest, create
& build our universe & world ! Our planet’s outlook is the
result of our collective thinking & being & not the result of
our actions ! Our human nature is what we are & put into the
world, which constructs nature ! Thoughts form the things
& thoughts become the things ! Non-being is therefore
the cause of being. Non-being makes being.

Really can anyone resist
the irresistible impulses 2 act ?

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