The ego is the doer
& the driver of our actions.
An unscrutinized ego is our driving force.
But we can change this inadequacy, this blind
craving pilot of our self, by prolonged & intense scrutiny
on our greed & cravings, desires & lusts, or simply on our
lower self & this will automatically diminish their strength,
which then will diminish their amount of performing
which will crumble our ego.

The only requirement
is that one must acknowledge
& recognize who’s the real doer at first
& then be willing 2 recognize our ego as our lower self
& its self-centered attitude & this is definitely
the way 2 defeat it.

Through close examination,
one gains knowledge & this knowledge
automatically leads 2 destroying of the ego
& our lower self. As such the ‘real’ self becomes
the driver or the most adequate pilot
of our being, life & living.

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